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Angels Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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جاندار مخلوق کی روحیں کون نکالتا ہےــــــــــــــ؟

  1. حضرت جبرائیل علیہ السلام اللہ
  2. حضرت اسرافیل علیہ السلام
  3. حضرت میکائیل علیہ السلام
  4. حضرت عزرائیل علیہ السلام


Name the Angel who takes out souls of life-bearing creatures?

  1. Hazrat Israfeel (AS
  2. Hazrat Jibra’eel (AS)
  3. Hazrat Izra’eel (AS)
  4. None


Who is referred in the Quran as Roh-al-Ameen

  1. Hazart Jibrael (AS)
  2. Hazart Mekael (AS)
  3. Hazart Izrael (AS)
  4. Hazart Israfeel (AS)


Who is referred in the Quran as Roh-a-Qudus?

  1. Hazart Israfeel(AS)
  2. Hazart Jibraeel (AS)
  3. Hazart Izrael (AS)
  4. Hazart Mekael (AS)


Who is referred in the Quran as Ar-Rooh?

  1. Hazrat lzrael (AS)
  2. Hazrat Israfeel (AS)
  3. Hazra Jibrael (AS)
  4. Hazrat Mekael (AS)


The Angel who delivered messages to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from Allah was?

  1. Hazrat Israfeel (علیہ)
  2. Hazrat Mikael (علیہ)
  3. Hazrat Jibrael (علیہ)
  4. Hazrat Izraeel (علیہ)
  5. None of these


Who is greatest angel according to the teachings of Islam ?

  1. Hazrat Mekael
  2. Hazrat Izraeel
  3. Hazrat Jibraeel
  4. Hazrat Israfeel


Which Angel will blow the trumpet (Sur) at the Day of Judgment?

  1. Hazrat Jabrail
  2. Hazrat Israfil
  3. Hazrat Mikail
  4. Azazel
  5. None of these


___ takes out souls of life bearing creatures:

  1. Israfeel
  2. Iblees
  3. Mikael
  4. Jibraeal
  5. Izraeel


حضرت اسرافیل کا کیا کام ہے؟

  1. بارش برسانہ
  2. صور پھوکنا
  3. روح قبض کرنا
  4. رزق دینا
  5. تمام


greatest Angel

  1. Jibrael (A.S)
  2. Mikael (A.S)
  3. Israfeel (A.S)
  4. All of these


Jibrael came _____ times into the court of the Holy Prophet?

  1. 10,000
  2. 20,000
  3. 24,000
  4. 26,000
  5. 63,000


Kiramin Katbeen means?

  1. False accusation
  2. Illustrious writers
  3. Protectors
  4. BodyGuard


How many Angels participated in the Battle of Badr?

  1. 1000
  2. 32
  3. 13
  4. 20


The number of angels of hell are ___?

  1. 21
  2. 19
  3. 17
  4. 23
  5. 08


Two angels are appointed on each person. One of them maintains the good deeds and the other one records evil deeds. These two angels are named as?

  1. Mankar and nakeer (AS)
  2. Farishtain
  3. Kiraman katibeen (AS)
  4. None


Name the angels who are appointed to put Questions to the deeds in their graves__?

  1. Munkar and Nakeer
  2. Hazrat Jabreel
  3. Hazrat Mikeel
  4. None


The function of Hazrat jibra’eel (AS) is to______________?

  1. Bring Allah’s message and commands to his prophets (AS)
  2. Take out souls f life bearing creatures
  3. Make rain and supply of food to Allah’s creatures
  4. none

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