Australian Exploring the Nullarbor MCQs with Answer

What is the approximate length of the Nullarbor Plain?
a) 200 kilometers
b) 1,000 kilometers
c) 1,600 kilometers
d) 3,000 kilometers
Answer: c) 1,600 kilometers

Which Australian states does the Nullarbor Plain span across?
a) South Australia and Western Australia
b) Western Australia and Northern Territory
c) South Australia and Victoria
d) Queensland and New South Wales
Answer: a) South Australia and Western Australia

What is the meaning of “Nullarbor”?
a) No water
b) Endless plain
c) Barren land
d) No trees
Answer: d) No trees

Which famous Australian road passes through the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Great Ocean Road
b) Eyre Highway
c) Pacific Highway
d) Stuart Highway
Answer: b) Eyre Highway

What is the significance of the Nullarbor Links?
a) It’s a railway line connecting cities.
b) It’s a golf course spanning the Nullarbor Plain.
c) It’s a hiking trail for adventurers.
d) It’s a historic site of ancient Aboriginal culture.
Answer: b) It’s a golf course spanning the Nullarbor Plain.

The Bunda Cliffs overlook which body of water?
a) Indian Ocean
b) Tasman Sea
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Southern Ocean
Answer: d) Southern Ocean

Which town serves as the eastern starting point of the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Kalgoorlie
b) Ceduna
c) Norseman
d) Balladonia
Answer: c) Norseman

What wildlife is commonly spotted along the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Kangaroos and Emus
b) Polar bears and Penguins
c) Alligators and Buffalos
d) Koalas and Tasmanian Devils
Answer: a) Kangaroos and Emus

Which natural feature on the Nullarbor Plain is popular for cave exploring?
a) Cocklebiddy Cave
b) Great Australian Bight
c) Zuytdorp Cliffs
d) Eucla Basin
Answer: a) Cocklebiddy Cave

The Nullarbor Plain is renowned for having the longest what in the world?
a) Straightest road
b) Railway track
c) Golf course
d) Stretch of desert
Answer: a) Straightest road

What industry is significant along the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Agriculture
b) Mining
c) Fishing
d) Manufacturing
Answer: b) Mining

Which of the following is NOT an attraction on the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Head of Bight
b) Nullarbor Roadhouse
c) Wave Rock
d) Border Village
Answer: c) Wave Rock

What is the average annual rainfall on the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Less than 50mm
b) Around 500mm
c) More than 1000mm
d) 300-400mm
Answer: a) Less than 50mm

Which native tree is commonly found on the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Eucalyptus
b) Baobab
c) Acacia
d) Banksia
Answer: a) Eucalyptus

What geological feature runs beneath the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Great Barrier Reef
b) Artesian Basin
c) Ayers Rock
d) Murray-Darling Basin
Answer: b) Artesian Basin

What is the name of the longest cave passage in Australia found under the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Mammoth Cave
b) Gunbarrel Cave
c) Windjana Cave
d) Weebubbie Cave
Answer: a) Mammoth Cave

Which meteorological phenomenon is experienced on the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Blizzards
b) Sandstorms
c) Tornadoes
d) Cyclones
Answer: b) Sandstorms

The Nullarbor Plain is part of which larger bio-geographical region?
a) Great Victoria Desert
b) Simpson Desert
c) Nullarbor Region
d) Eyre Bioregion
Answer: d) Eyre Bioregion

What is the indigenous name for the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Tjungurrayi
b) Tjukurpa
c) Tjilbruke
d) Tjirrkarli
Answer: b) Tjukurpa

Which geological period does the limestone of the Nullarbor Plain primarily belong to?
a) Jurassic
b) Devonian
c) Cretaceous
d) Carboniferous
Answer: c) Cretaceous

What type of whale can be spotted during the whale-watching season near the Nullarbor coast?
a) Humpback
b) Beluga
c) Blue
d) Sperm
Answer: a) Humpback

The Nullarbor Plain is characterized by what type of terrain?
a) Mountainous
b) Desert
c) Rainforest
d) Marshland
Answer: b) Desert

What is the name of the indigenous people who have inhabited the Nullarbor region for thousands of years?
a) Yamatji
b) Pitjantjatjara
c) Arrernte
d) Wirangu
Answer: d) Wirangu

Which famous shipwreck occurred near the coast of the Nullarbor Plain?
a) HMS Endeavour
b) HMS Beagle
c) Zuytdorp
d) Batavia
Answer: c) Zuytdorp

The Nullarbor Plain is part of which larger ecoregion?
a) Great Sandy Desert
b) Nullarbor Plain Ecoregion
c) Great Western Woodlands
d) Nullarbor Region
Answer: b) Nullarbor Plain Ecoregion

What is the approximate width of the Nullarbor Plain?
a) 100 kilometers
b) 500 kilometers
c) 800 kilometers
d) 1,200 kilometers
Answer: c) 800 kilometers

Which famous Australian explorer traversed the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Matthew Flinders
b) Ludwig Leichhardt
c) John Eyre
d) Charles Sturt
Answer: c) John Eyre

What is the primary vegetation type found on the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Rainforest
b) Scrubland
c) Grassland
d) Alpine vegetation
Answer: c) Grassland

What is the main industry in towns along the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Tourism
b) Agriculture
c) Mining
d) Fishing
Answer: a) Tourism

Which geological feature of the Nullarbor Plain attracts cave divers?
a) The Head of Bight
b) Zuytdorp Cliffs
c) Eucla Basin
d) Cocklebiddy Cave System
Answer: d) Cocklebiddy Cave System

What is the name of the indigenous creation period in Aboriginal mythology associated with the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Dreamtime
b) The Dreaming
c) Songlines
d) Tjurkupa
Answer: b) The Dreaming

Which bird of prey is commonly found in the skies above the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Wedge-tailed Eagle
b) Black Kite
c) Peregrine Falcon
d) Osprey
Answer: a) Wedge-tailed Eagle

The Nullarbor Plain was formed primarily due to what geological process?
a) Volcanic eruptions
b) Glacial activity
c) Deposition of limestone
d) Tectonic plate movement
Answer: c) Deposition of limestone

What type of climate is predominant on the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Tropical
b) Temperate
c) Arid
d) Mediterranean
Answer: c) Arid

What is the longest golf hole on the Nullarbor Links?
a) 200 meters
b) 500 meters
c) 700 meters
d) 1,000 meters
Answer: d) 1,000 meters

Which river flows adjacent to the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Murray River
b) Murchison River
c) Darling River
d) Swan River
Answer: b) Murchison River

What is the primary mode of transportation for tourists exploring the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Trains
b) Bicycles
c) 4WD vehicles
d) Camels
Answer: c) 4WD vehicles

What is the Nullarbor Nymph?
a) A rare species of plant found on the Plain
b) An Aboriginal legend
c) A mythical creature
d) A geological formation
Answer: c) A mythical creature

Which ocean current influences the climate along the coast of the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Leeuwin Current
b) East Australian Current
c) Antarctic Circumpolar Current
d) South Equatorial Current
Answer: c) Antarctic Circumpolar Current

What is the average elevation of the Nullarbor Plain?
a) Sea level
b) 500 meters
c) 1,000 meters
d) 2,000 meters
Answer: a) Sea level

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