Australian Famous Gender Equality Champions MCQs with Answer

Who is known for co-founding the Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and Their Children?
a) Rosie Batty
b) Tarang Chawla
c) Elizabeth Broderick
d) Anne Summers
Answer: a) Rosie Batty

Which Australian actress became a prominent advocate for the #MeToo movement?
a) Nicole Kidman
b) Cate Blanchett
c) Rose Byrne
d) Yael Stone
Answer: d) Yael Stone

Who is known for establishing The Muslim Women’s National Network of Australia?
a) Tanja Kovac
b) Azmeena Hussain
c) Mariam Veiszadeh
d) Sara Saleh
Answer: c) Mariam Veiszadeh

Which politician advocated for gender equality and served as the Prime Minister of Australia?
a) Julia Gillard
b) Penny Wong
c) Tanya Plibersek
d) Linda Burney
Answer: a) Julia Gillard

Who established the NOW Australia movement against workplace sexual harassment?
a) Tracey Spicer
b) Lisa Wilkinson
c) Jessica Rowe
d) Mia Freedman
Answer: a) Tracey Spicer

Which Australian journalist led discussions on gender equality through her podcast “Chat 10 Looks 3”?
a) Leigh Sales
b) Annabel Crabb
c) Sarah Ferguson
d) Caroline Jones
Answer: b) Annabel Crabb

Who initiated the ‘One Woman Project’ advocating for global gender equality?
a) Caitlin Figueiredo
b) Yasmin Poole
c) Serafina Taneva
d) Mia Swainson
Answer: a) Caitlin Figueiredo

Which Australian sportswoman fought for pay equality in tennis and beyond?
a) Ashleigh Barty
b) Sam Stosur
c) Evonne Goolagong Cawley
d) Billie Jean King
Answer: d) Billie Jean King

Who established the ‘Male Champions of Change’ initiative for gender equality in workplaces?
a) Fiona Richardson
b) Elizabeth Broderick
c) Jane Caro
d) Lucy Turnbull
Answer: b) Elizabeth Broderick

Which advocate founded the ‘Everyday Sexism Project’ in Australia?
a) Clementine Ford
b) Van Badham
c) Sarah Hanson-Young
d) Jane Gilmore
Answer: d) Jane Gilmore

Who became the first female Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia?
a) Susan Kiefel
b) Mary Gaudron
c) Dyson Heydon
d) Virginia Bell
Answer: a) Susan Kiefel

Which Australian politician fought for LGBTQ+ rights and gender equality?
a) Penny Wong
b) Julie Bishop
c) Jacqui Lambie
d) Michaelia Cash
Answer: a) Penny Wong

Who established the ‘Because I Am A Girl’ campaign advocating for girls’ rights globally?
a) Kathy Kelly
b) Natasha Stott Despoja
c) Lucy Moroney
d) Amanda Vanstone
Answer: b) Natasha Stott Despoja

Which Australian comedian advocates for gender equality through her work and public commentary?
a) Hannah Gadsby
b) Kitty Flanagan
c) Judith Lucy
d) Denise Scott
Answer: a) Hannah Gadsby

Who founded the ‘Global Sisters’ program supporting women’s financial independence?
a) Clare Bowditch
b) Jane Turner
c) Jessica Mauboy
d) Mandy Nolan
Answer: a) Clare Bowditch

Which Australian author wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale,” highlighting gender issues and inequality?
a) Helen Garner
b) Liane Moriarty
c) Geraldine Brooks
d) Margaret Atwood
Answer: d) Margaret Atwood

Who founded the ‘Stella Prize’ to celebrate Australian women’s writing?
a) Kate Grenville
b) Helen Garner
c) Lisa Wilkinson
d) Sophie Cunningham
Answer: d) Sophie Cunningham

Which Australian academic co-founded ‘Destroy the Joint,’ addressing gender inequality and violence against women?
a) Eva Cox
b) Anne Summers
c) Jane Caro
d) Jenna Price
Answer: d) Jenna Price

Who became the youngest recipient of the Australian of the Year award, advocating for gender equality?
a) Deng Adut
b) Adam Goodes
c) David Morrison
d) Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Answer: d) Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Which Australian chef and restaurateur campaigned for gender equality in the culinary industry?
a) Maggie Beer
b) Stephanie Alexander
c) Kylie Kwong
d) Donna Hay
Answer: c) Kylie Kwong

Who co-founded the ‘UN Women National Committee Australia’ advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerment?
a) Julia Zemiro
b) Ita Buttrose
c) Elizabeth Broderick
d) Quentin Bryce
Answer: d) Quentin Bryce

Which Australian musician promotes gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights through her music and activism?
a) Missy Higgins
b) Sia
c) Tina Arena
d) Kate Miller-Heidke
Answer: a) Missy Higgins

Who is known for establishing the ‘Global Women Leaders’ initiative to promote gender equality in leadership roles?
a) Gillian Triggs
b) Susan Ryan
c) Nareen Young
d) Helen Szoke
Answer: c) Nareen Young

Which Australian actress and director advocated for equal pay and gender parity in Hollywood?
a) Toni Collette
b) Naomi Watts
c) Rebel Wilson
d) Rachel Griffiths
Answer: c) Rebel Wilson

Who initiated the ‘RizeUp Australia’ movement supporting victims of domestic and family violence?
a) Tarang Chawla
b) Rosie Batty
c) Sherele Moody
d) Hetty Johnston
Answer: c) Sherele Moody

Which Australian fashion designer advocated for gender equality and women’s rights in the fashion industry?
a) Akira Isogawa
b) Carla Zampatti
c) Collette Dinnigan
d) Camilla Franks
Answer: b) Carla Zampatti

Who founded ‘Catalyst Foundation’ to address gender inequality in STEM fields?
a) Michelle Simmons
b) Fiona Wood
c) Tanya Monro
d) Catherine Livingstone
Answer: c) Tanya Monro

Which Australian comedian is known for addressing feminist issues through her comedy?
a) Kitty Flanagan
b) Judith Lucy
c) Hannah Gadsby
d) Denise Scott
Answer: c) Hannah Gadsby

Who established the ‘Equality Rights Alliance’ advocating for gender equality and human rights in Australia?
a) Pru Goward
b) Anne Summers
c) Eva Cox
d) Helen Szoke
Answer: b) Anne Summers

Which Australian businesswoman is known for advocating for gender diversity in corporate leadership?
a) Gail Kelly
b) Catherine Livingstone
c) Elizabeth Broderick
d) Sam Mostyn
Answer: a) Gail Kelly

Who founded the ‘Girls’ Uniform Agenda’ advocating for gender-neutral school uniforms?
a) Dannielle Miller
b) Clementine Ford
c) Yumi Stynes
d) Jamila Rizvi
Answer: a) Dannielle Miller

Which Australian TV presenter and journalist advocates for gender equality and women’s rights?
a) Lisa Wilkinson
b) Jessica Rowe
c) Leigh Sales
d) Virginia Trioli
Answer: a) Lisa Wilkinson

Who founded the ‘Queensland Domestic Violence Taskforce’ to address domestic violence issues?
a) Hetty Johnston
b) Rosie Batty
c) Tarang Chawla
d) Sherele Moody
Answer: a) Hetty Johnston

Which Australian musician and activist advocates for gender equality and social justice?
a) Jessica Mauboy
b) Missy Higgins
c) Sia
d) Tina Arena
Answer: b) Missy Higgins

Who founded the ‘Australia’s CEO Challenge’ to address domestic violence in workplaces?
a) Michaelia Cash
b) Julia Banks
c) Natasha Stott Despoja
d) Annastacia Palaszczuk
Answer: c) Natasha Stott Despoja

Which Australian filmmaker advocates for gender equality in the film industry?
a) Cate Shortland
b) Gillian Armstrong
c) Jane Campion
d) Sue Brooks
Answer: b) Gillian Armstrong

Who founded the ‘Rise Network’ to support victims of domestic violence?
a) Tarang Chawla
b) Rosie Batty
c) Hetty Johnston
d) Sherele Moody
Answer: a) Tarang Chawla

Which Australian politician advocates for gender equality and women’s rights through her political career?
a) Jacqui Lambie
b) Julie Bishop
c) Michaelia Cash
d) Tanya Plibersek
Answer: b) Julie Bishop

Who established the ‘Gender Action Plan’ to address gender inequality in the workplace?
a) Elizabeth Broderick
b) Jane Caro
c) Anne Summers
d) Jenna Price
Answer: a) Elizabeth Broderick

Which Australian actor is known for advocating for gender equality in Hollywood?
a) Hugh Jackman
b) Chris Hemsworth
c) Russell Crowe
d) Chris Evans
Answer: a) Hugh Jackman

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