Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 4

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Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 4 MCQs with Answers

Youth For Pakistan has provided an excellent opportunity for the students of the Everyday Science to prepare their any test online. This is a free platform for students to prepare for Everyday Science to get the best accomplishments in their exams. Attempt Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 4 and analyze yourself by attempting this online test system as many times as you want, until you find yourself fully prepared.

Which one of the following clouds is found at the highest level in the atmospher?

A. Stratus
B. Cumulus
C. Stratocumulus
D. Cirrus

The most important function of perspiration is?

A. Get rid of body waste
B. Regulate body temperature
C. Regulate body waste
D. Lubricate the skin

Who was the first to measure the earth’s circumference?

A. Eratosthenes
B. Galileo
C. Copenicus
D. Ptolemy

The term “white coal” sometimes referred to which of the following?

A. Geothermal Electricity
B. Wind Energy
C. Hydroelectricity
D. Biomass Energy

The light rays used for eliminating bacteria?

A. X-rays
B. infrared rays
C. microwave radiation
D. ultra-violet radiation

What would you find in a Vivarium?

A. microorganisms
B. Animals
C. Humans
D. None of these

…………… causes biomagnification problem in the Ecosystem.

A. Lead
B. Mercury
C. Chromium
D. Copper

The Microbes used in baking industry is ……..?

A. Penicillin
B. Yeast
C. Water
D. None of these

The process in which seed grows in to a new plant is called ……?

A. Fertilization
B. Germination
C. Vernalization
D. None of these

The Earth behaves like a magnet with …… poles?

A. Four
B. Three
C. Two
D. None of these

The ….. is the largest natural source of light?

A. Sun
B. Moon
C. Star
D. None of these

The Quantity of matter present in an object is its ……..?

A. Density
B. Weight
C. Mass
D. None of these

Unit of force in (SI) is ……….?

A. Meter
B. Newton
C. Kilogram
D. None of these

Persistance of vision is the principle behind?

A. Camera
B. Spectroscope
C. Cinema
D. Periscope

Gamma rays have greatest similarity with?

A. a-rays
B. X-rays
C. b-rays
D. U.V.-rays

Change of state form liquid to solid is ………?

A. Boiling
B. Freezing
C. Evaporation
D. None of these

…….. it fills all the space avaliable.

A. Liquid
B. Gas
C. Solid
D. None of these

State of matter which has definite shape and volume is called ……….?

A. Liquid
B. Gas
C. Solid
D. None of these

Boiling point of pure water is ……….?

A. 90’C
B.  97’C
C. 100’C
D. None of these

Matter exists in…… states.

A. One
B. Three
C. Five
D. None of these

Which of the following are Biodegradable ………..?

B. Dead Plants
C. Glass
D. None of these

Which of the following are non-biodegradable materials ……?

A. Dead Animals
B. Plastics
C. Bread
D. None of these

The main cause of air pollution is ……….?

A. Burning Of Fuels
B. Forests
C. Fertilizers
D. None of these

Seed Coat is also called ………?

A. Radical
B. Testa
C. Tegmen
D. None of these

All of these are benefits of bacteria except ……?

A. Decomposition
B. Oxygen Production
C. Nitrogen Fixation
D. None of these

In your body where is the Macula located?

A. Knee center of leg
B. Eye center of Retina
C. Brain center of Cerebrum
D. None of these

Which vegetable is also a flower ……….?

A. Lady Finger
B. Broccoli
C. Tomato
D. None of these

In Astronomy, what are Pallas, Vesta and Davida?

A. Stars
B. Comets
C. Asteroids
D. None of these

Cotyledons are very Important because they ……..?

A. Store Food
B. Store Water
C. Store Air
D. None of these

Hepatitis and Polio is caused by……..?

A. Virus
B. Fungus
C. Moss
D. None of these

First antibiotic was extracted from a ………?

A. Bacteria
B. virus
C. Fungus
D. None of these

Microorganisms can only be seen with an equipment called ……..?

A. Microscope
B. Telescope
C. Spectroscope
D. None of these

The quantity of matter in an object is its ……..?

A. Force
B. Mass
C. Weight
D. None of these

Which one is non flowering plant …….?

A. Moss
B. Jasmine
C. Sun Flower
D. None of these

Classification of Animals and Plants on the basis on chromosome number is called……..?

A. Ecology
B. Taxonomy
C. Botany
D. None of these

In an MRI machine, which one of the following is used?

A. Sound wave
B. ‘X’-ray
C. Ultra-sound wave
D. Magnetic wave

Electrostatic precipitator is used to control?

A. Air pollution
B. Water pollution
C. Solid waste
D. Noise pollution

Lambert’s law is related to?

A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Interference
D. Illumination

The atmospheric air is held to the Earth by?

A. gravity
B. winds
C. clouds
D. rotation of the Earth

Which type of reaction produces the most harmful radiation?

A. Fusion reaction
B. Fission reaction
C. Chemical reaction
D. Photo-Chemical reaction

The time period of a pendulum when taken to the Moon would?

A. remain the same
B. decrease
C. become zero
D. increase

The frequency of ultrasound wave is typically?

A. Above 20 kHz
B. Above 20,000 kHz
C. Below 20 kHz
D. Below 02 kHz

The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is?

A. 365 days
B. 30 days
C. 24 hours
D. changing continuously

The scientist who first sent electromagnetic waves to distant places is?

A. James Clerk Maxwell
B. Heinrich Hertz
C. Thomas Alva Edison
D. John Logie Baird

Male birds are …….. colorful than female birds.

A. Less
B. More
C. Equal
D. None of these

Atephobia is fear of ………?

A. Imperfection
B. Heights
C. Attitude
D. None of these

Pluviometer measures ………..?

A. Wind
B. Strength of Plywood
C. Rainfall
D. None of these

A transformer works on the principle of ……………?

A. Self induction
B. Mutual induction
C. Generator
D. Inverter

Intensity of gravitational field of earth is maximum at?

A. Poles
B. Equator
C. Center of earth
D. Surface

Angle of friction and angle of repose are?

A. equal to each other
B. not equal to each other
C. proportional to each other
D. None of these

How many kgs are in one ton?

A. 707
B. 907
C. 807
D. 607

Heat transfer horizontally within the atmosphere is called?

A. Conduction
B. Convection
C. Absorption
D. Advection

In which of the following processes is energy released ?

A. Respiration
B. Photosynthesis
C. Ingestion
D. Absorption

What is meant by intermediate goods and services?

A. The same as capital goods, such as plants, buildings, vehicles, and machinery.
B. Products which one firm buys off another and then uses up in its own products.
C.  All inputs bought by firms, including labor and raw materials.
D. Imports.

Which of the following principleis used to produce ‘low-temperatures’ ?

A. Super conductivity
B. Joule-Kelvin effect
C. Thermo-electric effect
D. Adiabatic demagneti-sation

The electronic device which is used as a switch or amplifier is called ?

A. Diode
B. Resistor
C. Transistor
D. Transformer

Which of the following is an example for cantilever beam?

A. Diving board
B. Bridge
C. See-saw
D. Common balance

Atomic power plant works on the principle of?

A. fission
B. fusion
C. thermal combustion
D. combined effect of all the above three

According to the theory of relativity, which of the following always remains constant ?

A. Length of an object
B. Time
C. Space
D. Velocity of light

Freezing point of water at Fahrenheit Scale is?

A. 0 °F
B. 212 °F
C. 32 °F
D. -32 °F

Which one of the following wavelengths of light is most effective in photosynthesis?

A. Blue
B. Green
C. Orange
D. Yellow

A state of stress caused by concern for the earth’s environment is called?

A. Eco-anxiety
B. Eco-fear
C. Eco-depression
D. Eco-alarm

The cause for the Tsunami, as deduced by the seismologists, is?

A. gravitational pull of the moon
B. low pressure trough in the ocean
C. deformation of sea floor and vertical displacement of water
D. sudden change in the monsoon wind

Velocity of sound in air does not change with the change of?

A. Temperature of air
B. Pressure of air
C. Moisture content in air
D. Wind in the direction of propagation of sound

The diagnosis of anthrax in cattle may be made by……….?

A. Spore staining
B. Quellung reaction.
C. Mcyfaydean reaction
D. None of the above

The weakest of all fundamental forces is the …………….?

A. Gravitational force
B. Electrostatic force
C. Magnetic force
D. Nuclear force

The process involved in making soap is called?

A. saponification
B. hydrolysis
C. condensation
D. polymerisation

A boy sitting in an open car moving with the constant speed throws a ball straight up into the air. The ball falls ………?

A. behind him
B. in front of him
C. into his hand
D. by his side

The most distant human-made object sent into the space is?

A. Voyager 1
B. Pioneer 10
C. Eris
D. New Horizon

Which of the following circuit elements is used to ‘block’ DC in an electronic circuit ?

A. Resistances
B. Capacitance
C. Inductance
D. Diode

Which of the following celestial bodies contains abundant quantities of helium-3, a potential source of energy?

A. Earth
B. Venus
C. Moon
D. Saturn

An egg sinks in soft water but floats in a concentrated solution of salt because?

A. egg absorbs salt from the solution and expands
B. albumin dissolves in salt solution and egg becomes lighter
C. the density of salt solution exceeds the density of eggs
D. water has high surface tension

What is cVDPV2?

A. Corona Virus New variant
B. Type-II Cancer
C. Poliovirus Type-II
D. Wild Poliovirus

In a photocell light energy is converted into?

A. potential energy
B. chemical energy
C. heat energy
D. electrical energy

The type of mirrors used in the headlamp of cars is …………?

A. Parabolic concave
B. Plane
C. Spherical convex
D. Cylindrical concave

We always see the same face of the moon, because?

A. It is smaller than the earth
B. It revolves on its axis in a direction opposite to that of the earth
C. It takes equal time for revolution around the earth and rotation on its own axis
D. It rotates at the same speed as the earth around the sun

Main Control System of our body is …..?

A. Nervous System
B. Brain
C. Heart
D. Lungs

Leach has …….. number of brains.

A. Zero
B. 32
C. 36
D. None of these

How many moons does Saturn have?

A. 7
B. 13
C. 79
D. 82

SI unit of Illumination is ……..?

A. Candela
B. Flux
C. Lux
D. None of these

What is depression rate in pakistan?

A. 31
B. 32
C. 33
D. 34

Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships?

A. Helium
B. Hydrogen
C. Carbon
D. Chlorine

Which ocean is called “Ring of Fire”?

A. Indian Ocean
B. Pacific Ocean
C. Atlantic Ocean
D. Antarctic Ocean

How many pounds in a kg?

A. 2.20
B. 2.30
C. 2.40
D. 2.50

How many grams in a pound?

A. 451
B. 453
C. 455
D. 457

How many ounces in a pound?

A. 10
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16

Where is the dirtiest skin of our body is located?

A. Feet
B. Hands
C. Face
D. None of these

How many grams in an ounce?

A. 20
B. 24
C. 28
D. 32

Which body part gets older first?

A. Face
B. Feet
C. Hands
D. None of these

Which water will freeze first?

A. Hot
B. Cold
C. Both
D. None

How many ounces in a kg?

A. 28
B. 30
C. 33
D. 35

Which of the following is called smallest, shallowest and coldest ocean of the world?

A. Pacific Ocean
B. Indian Ocean
C. Arctic Ocean
D. None of the above

What does Angstrom measure?

A. Quantity
B. Speed
C. Length
D. None of these

Which of the following ocean is the least polluted ocean of the world?

A. Arctic Ocean
B. Indian Ocean
C. South Pacific
D. None of the above

Which planet in our solar system has the most gravity?

A. Jupiter
B. Mercury
C. Venus
D. Neptune

Which of the following ocean is the most polluted ocean of the world?

A. Indian Ocean
B. North Pacific Ocean
C. Arctic Ocean
D. None of the above

Smallest animal is ………?

A. Skunk
B. Gorilla
C. Tiger
D. Cat

Which of the following ocean is the warmest ocean of the world?

A. Indian Ocean
B. Arctic Ocean
C. North Pacific Ocean
D. None of the above

Which gas does a Photocopier machine produce?

A. Ozone 
B. carbon dioxide
C. Sulfur dioxide
D. None of these

Which is the most abundant element in the atmosphere?

A. Nitrogen
B. Hydrogen
C. Nickle
D. Oxygen

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