History of the United States MCQs
Affordable Care Act
 African-American History
 Alaskan History
Annexation of Hawaii
 Arab Spring
 Asian-American History
Bill of Rights
 Black Lives Matter Movement
 Civil Defense
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Civil Rights Activists
 Civil Rights Asian-American Activism
 Civil Rights Black Power Movement
Civil Rights Boycotts
 Civil Rights Chicano Movement
 Civil Rights Church Leaders
 Civil Rights Community Organizers
 Civil Rights Court Cases
 Civil Rights Disability Rights Movement
 Civil Rights Environmental Activism
 Civil Rights Freedom Marches
 Civil Rights Freedom Rides
 Civil Rights Freedom Schools
 Civil Rights Freedom Summer
 Civil Rights Immigration Activism
Civil Rights Leaders
 Civil Rights Legal Defense Organizations
Civil Rights Legislation
 Civil Rights LGBTQ+ Activism
Civil Rights Marches
 Civil Rights Media Coverage
Civil Rights Movement
 Civil Rights Music and Artists
Civil Rights Organizations
Civil Rights Photographers
 Civil Rights Presidential Orders
Civil Rights Sit-ins
 Civil Rights Student Activism
 Civil Rights Supreme Court Cases
 Civil Rights Theater and Performance
 Civil Rights Voting Rights Act of 1965
 Civil Rights Voting Rights Campaigns
 Civil Rights Women’s Liberation Movement
 Civil Rights Youth Movements
 Civil War
 Civil War African-American Soldiers
 Civil War Amendments
 Civil War Artillery
 Civil War Battle Strategies
 Civil War Battlefields
 Civil War Battles
 Civil War Blockade Runners
 Civil War Cavalry
 Civil War Contrabands and Freedmen
 Civil War Diplomacy
 Civil War Field Generals
 Civil War Generals
 Civil War Guerrilla Leaders
 Civil War Guerrilla Warfare
 Civil War Homefront
 Civil War Homefront Life
 Civil War Ironclads
 Civil War Medicine
Civil War Medicine Advancements
Civil War Medicine Innovations
Civil War Military Strategy
Civil War Native American Involvement
Civil War Naval Battles
Civil War Naval Blockades
Civil War Nurses
Civil War Photography
Civil War Prison Camp Conditions
Civil War Prison Camps
Civil War Prisoners of War
Civil War Reconstruction
Civil War Reconstruction Policies
Civil War Role of Railroads
Civil War Spies
Civil War Trench Warfare
Civil War Correspondents
Civil War Women’s Roles
 Civilian Conservation Corps
 Cold War Arms Race
 Cold War Berlin Wall
 Cold War Cuban Missile Crisis
 Cold War Era
 Cold War Espionage
 Cold War Espionage Cases
 Cold War Nuclear Fallout Shelters
 Cold War Proxy Wars
 Cold War Space Race
 Counterculture Movement
 Cuban Missile Crisis
Declaration of Independence
Dot-Com Bubble
Dust Bowl
Emancipation Proclamation
Environmental Legislation
Environmental Movement
Expansion into the Pacific
Financial Crisis of 2008
Founding Documents
Frontier Expansion
Gilded Age
Gold Rush
Great Depression
Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance Artists
Harlem Renaissance Writers
Hippie Movement
Hispanic-American History
Home Front in World War I
Home Front in World War II
Hurricane Katrina
Immigration Acts
Immigration History
Immigration Waves
Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution Child Labor
Industrial Revolution Innovations
Industrial Revolution Inventions
Industrial Revolution Labor Conditions
Industrial Revolution Labor Unions
Industrial Revolution Lumber Industry
Industrial Revolution Oil Industry
Industrial Revolution Robber Barons
Industrial Revolution Steel Industry
Industrial Revolution Telegraph and Communication
Industrial Revolution Textile Mills
Industrial Revolution Transportation Innovations
Industrialists and Captains of Industry
Internet Revolution
Interstate Commerce Act
Interstate Highway System
US involvement in the Korean War
US Involvement in the Vietnam War
US Involvement in World War I
US Involvement in World War II
Iran Hostage Crisis
Iraq War
Japanese Internment Camps
Jazz Age
Labor Movement Leaders
Labor Movement Strikes
Labor Strikes
LGBT Rights Movement
Louisiana Purchase
Manhattan Project
Manifest Destiny
Marriage Equality Movement
Mexican War
Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement
Monroe Doctrine
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Native American History
Native American Removal Policies
Native American Reservations
Native American Tribal Leaders
Native Hawaiian History
Nuclear Arms Race
Occupy Wall Street Movement
Oregon Trail
Panama Canal
Patriot Act
Pearl Harbor Attack
Populist Movement
Presidential Assassinations
Presidential Scandals
Progressive Era
Progressive Era Anti-Trust Laws
Progressive Era Child Labor Reforms
Progressive Era Conservation Movement
Progressive Era Education Reforms
Progressive Era Immigration Policies
Progressive Era Muckrakers
Progressive Era Prohibition Movement
Progressive Era Public Health Reforms
Progressive Era Reforms
Progressive Era Social Welfare Programs
Progressive Presidents
Prohibition Era
 Reconstruction Amendments
 Red Scare
 Revolutionary War
 Revolutionary War Heroes
 Revolutionary War Spies
 Roaring Twenties
 Salem Witch Trials
 Same-Sex Marriage Legalization
September 11 Attacks
 Social Security Act
 Space Exploration
 Space Exploration Hubble Space Telescope
 Space Exploration International Collaborations
Space Exploration International Space Station
 Space Exploration Lunar Missions
 Space Exploration Mars Missions
 Space Exploration Mars Rovers
 Space Exploration Milestones
 Space Exploration Planetary Probes
 Space Exploration Satellites
Space Exploration Space Colonization
Space Exploration Space Tourism
 Space Race
 Space Race Achievements
 Space Shuttle Astronauts
 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
 Space Shuttle Missions
 Space Shuttle Program
 Spanish-American War
 Suffragette Movement
 Tea Party Movement
Trail of Tears
Transcontinental Railroad
 Underground Railroad
 Underground Railroad Conductors
 Vietnam War Protests
War in Afghanistan
War of 1812
War of Independence
War on Terror
 Watergate Scandal
Westward Expansion
Westward Expansion Pioneers
 Women in World War II
 Women’s Suffrage
 Women’s Suffrage Leaders
 World War II Battles
 World War II Homefront Propaganda
 World War II Homefront Rationing
 World War II Internment Camps
 World War II Military Strategy
 World War II Propaganda
 World War II Propaganda Posters
World War II Resistance Movements
 World War II War Crimes Trials
 World War II Women in the Workforce
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