Provinces of Pakistan MCQs with Answers

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Provinces of Pakistan Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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Balochistan was given the status of province during the era of___________?

  1. Yahiha Khan
  2. Feroz Khan Noon
  3. Ayoub Khan
  4. Ghulam Muhammad


Population Wise Largest Province of Pakistan is?

  1. Baluchistan
  2. Punjab
  3. Sindh
  4. KPK


Who is the head of Tehsil?

  1. Tehsil Nazim
  2. District Nazam
  3. Both
  4. None


_____________ is the biggest province of Pakistan with regard to area.

  1. Balochistan
  2. Sindh
  3. Punjab
  4. Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa
  5. None of the above


According to the constitution 1973, Local government is a subject of the ______.

  1. Provincial Governments
  2. Federal Government
  3. Both
  4. None


KP stands for _______?

  1. Personal knowledge
  2. Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  3. Park for kids
  4. Pakistan knowledge


The constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly is called ________?

  1. PK
  2. PB
  3. PP
  4. PS


PB stands for _______?

  1. Bank of Pakistan
  2. Public Bank
  3. Province of Balochistan
  4. None


The constituency of Balochistan Assembly is called ________?

  1. PB
  2. PP
  3. PS
  4. None


The constituency of Sindh Assembly is called ________?

  1. PB
  2. PP
  3. PS
  4. None

PS stands for _______?

  1. Pay Service
  2. Province of Sindh
  3. Pastel Support
  4. None


PP stands for _______?

  1. Province of Punjab
  2. Primary Position
  3. Pay policy
  4. Pakistans Party


Member of Provincial assembly is called________?

  1. MGA
  2. MPA
  3. MNA
  4. None


The constituency of Punjab Assembly is called ________?

  1. PP
  2. PS
  3. PB
  4. None


What is the minimum age to become a member of Provincial Assembly?

  1. 21 years
  2. 25 years
  3. 27 years
  4. 29 years


Which is the coldest province of Pakistan

  1. Punjab
  2. GB
  3. Sindh
  4. None


How many provinces Pakistan has currently?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8


Where is Astore district located?

  1. Gilgatbaltista
  2. Kpk
  3. Sindh
  4. Punjab


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