English Idioms and Phrases MCQs with Answers

Here is the list of Idioms and Phrases MCQs with answers for the Preparation of Competitive Exams in FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, ISSB, LAT, etc. These Idioms and Phrases MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming academic as well as competitive exams in Pakistan

We have collected all the data and we have tried to provide you with the best information related to Idioms and Phrases MCQs with their answers. These Multiple-choice questions will help you in the Preparation for Job tests, Interviews, competitive exams, etc. 

These General English MCQs consist of Active & Passive VoiceAdjectiveAdverb, Common Error DetectionConditional SentencesConjunctionCorrect Usage of ArticlesDirect & IndirectAnalogyAntonymsGrammar, Idioms & Phrases, Masculine And Feminine GenderOne Word SubstitutionPairs of Words Often ConfusedPrepositionSentence CompletionSynonymsInterjectionSentence CorrectionSentence FormationSpelling CheckNounPhrasal VerbsPronounSelecting Words,  SyntaxTensesVerb, and Vocabulary.

Idioms and Phrases Question with Answer

Youth For Pakistan has provided an excellent opportunity for the students to prepare their Idioms and Phrases MCQs online. We are presenting you top MCQs questions picked by the Subject Specialist. 

In these exercises of English Idioms and Phrases MCQs Questions and Answer, students must choose the correct answer to fill in the blank. By completing these exercises, students will enhance their understanding of Idioms and Phrases.

What are English Idioms and Phrases?

Idioms and Phrases are a poetic part of the English language.  A set expression of two or many words that mean something together, instead of the literal meanings of its words individually.

People use idioms to make their language expressive and more poetic. They are used to express subtle meanings or intentions. Idioms are generally used to convey the meaning of an expression or a word. Sometimes, Idioms and Phrases can be very useful in explaining the meaning compared to the literal word. They make the reader understand with a poetic touch to the writing.

1. He burnt his fingers by interfering in his neighbor’s affairs
Got himself insulted
Got himself into trouble (correct)
Burnt himself
Got rebuked

2. It is evident from the minister’s statement that heads will roll.
Heads of the department will have to repent
Dismissals will occur (correct)
Transfers will take place
People will die

3. Almost everybody has an eye on the main chance
Looks after his own welfarecorrect
Waits for the appropriate time
Thinks of outwitting his rival
Looks for better prospects

4. When I saw him in the morning, he looked like a duck in a thunderstorm:
Distressed (correct)

5. I saw him make a wear face
Cry with pain
Show disappointmentcorrect
Feel sick

6. He is not worth his salt if he fails at this juncture.
Quite worthlesscorrect
Very proud of himself
Very strange
Quite depressed

7. For the first week, the apprentice felt like a fish out of water
Homeless (correct)

8. Our school is within a stone’s throw of the railway station
Within a certain radius
At a short distance (correct)
Very far off
Within a definite circumference

9. It is out of the question for only one to have a quiet meal with a set of ultras around him.
Unthinkable (correct)

10. Let us admit that we could not heap coals of fire on his head
Make him feel sorry by returning good for evil
Put him to shamecorrect
Burn him alive
Agitate him

11. The cooperation and esprit de corps between the soldiers and the officers was directly responsible for their victory.

12. The study of insects was a fascinating pursuit for him.

13. The company has been handed over to new masters, lock, stock and barrel.
Completely (correct)

14. The General Manager of this industry is a host in himself
Independent of others
Very hospitablecorrect
Capable of doing as much as a number of ordinary persons
Eats too much

15. Mrs. Hashmi has been in the blues for the last several weeks
Depressed (correct)

16. Believe me, I am all at sea:
Out of reach
Very happy
Puzzled (correct)

17. All the political parties are tarred with the same brush
Have the same merits
Possess the same defectscorrect
Treated equally
Profess, the same policies

18. She exhibited remarkable sang froid during the crisis
Composure (correct)

19. His friends failed to see why he should ride the high just because he had won an election
Become abnormal
Hate others
Indulge in dreams
Appear arrogant (correct)

20. Mr. Rmzan who is one of the trustees of a big charity is suspected of feathering his own nest.
Being lazy in doing his work
Making money unfairlycorrect
Neglecting his job
Being too generous

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